Entrepreneur Tutorial

Registration page:https://cofundhub.com/register/

Click on ” Register as Entrepreneur”

Go to your email inbox or trash box to click on the activation email to confirm your registration.

Login from https://cofundhub.com/login after your account is activated.



After login, you can manage your entrepreneur profile at: https://cofundhub.com/center/entrepreneur/edit/

Click on “Edit Entrepreneur Profile”

Complete your profile. “Community Profile” contains your project name, introduction, sector, stage etc. We will share this part of information in the community. If you have set up a company, please also  fill out your company’s name, logo, website and headquarter location.

Click on “Next”. 

For ” Startup Competition” and “Roadshow Registration”, the default mode is “automatic”, which means we can submit your information to all listed startup competition and roadshows listed at https://cofundhub.com/programs on your behalf.  

For “China Tour” and “Grant Application“, the default mode is “manual”.

You can switch to different mode as needed.

Fill out your personal information on this page.


Click on “Next”

Click on “Next”

We will invite our mentors to review the startups during roadshows. And you will be able to see their feedbacks here as well.


Choose the programs that you are interested in participating.