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  • 机构信息

  • EXGwear
  • http://www.exg-wear.com
  • United States
  • 个人

  • Prakash has over 14 years of experience in a diverse area of technologies & business management in both academic/industrial settings with prior startup experiences in emerging technologies.

    With advanced graduate degrees in biomedical, technology innovation followed by an MBA, Prakash has led and mentored interdisciplinary teams of engineers and business professionals in a variety of roles, including strategy consulting for tech startups, innovation management, R&D, market/equity research and industry trend analysis for early and growth stage companies. He has been consulting for several startups in both Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh.

    Prakash has been invited speakers in various international conferences across Asia, Europe and Americas and exhibits strong intercultural, empathy and servant-leadership skills. He has authored more than 25 articles in original research, conference papers, book chapters and business case studies. He is a nominated lifetime member of the international business honors society (BGS) for outstanding scholarly achievements in business and an elected member at Sigma Xi Scientific Society, and American Association of Advancement of Sciences. He was invited as peer-reviewer for several science/business journals and Special Award Judge for student-led technological innovations at the international stage, including Intel-ISEF. Prakash is also an invited co-chair of IEEE-Ro-Man conference (2018, China and 2019, India), and 1st prize winner at BCI Hackathon (IEEE-SMC-2017, Canada). He holds several patents in AI-enabled wearable IoT/robotic interaction. He is currently CEO & Co-Founder of an award-winning brain-computer interface wearable startup.

    As an avid learner, Prakash is well adept to new technological innovation with a knack of understanding the future tech industry trends. His recent interests include Artificial Intelligence in Health & Medtech, Design Thinking, Human-Machine/Robot Interactions, Brain Tech, Social Innovation, Nature & Biodesign-inspired Product Development. His past experiences involved frontier areas in biomedical informatics and preclinical R&D.

    Prakash has worked in Singapore, India and USA, and is extremely familiar with China innovation ecosystem and Chinese culture. He has excellent cross-cultural team proficiency and committed to US-Asia collaborative/open innovation. His passion and hobbies include international travel, exploring nature & wildlife, culture, eco-conscious lifestyle, health & wellness, yoga and meditation.

  • 项目

  • EXGbuds
  • Product
  • Information Technology
  • <p>We develop wearable gesture control interfaces to enable users interact with smart IoTs/robotic devices and AR/VR displays using simple intuitive facial gestures. </p> <p>By combining the power of brain-computer interface with miniature wearable sensors and our proprietary AI/ machine learning platform, we generate actionable commands from simple eye movements and facial gestures. </p> <p>Users can control smart-home devices, drones and external assistive robotic devices using these gestures. They can also interact with AR/VR and gaming displays completely "hands-free".</p>
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