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  • 机构信息

  • Nanjing Hz Electric Co., Ltd.
  • China
  • 个人

  • Yadong Feng, chairman and general manager of HZ Electric, Ph.D. /Ms. / B.S. of Tsinghua University, presided over the development of the new generation control and protection platform which has been applied in a large number of substations and multiple UHV DC converter stations worldwide; presided over the development of the solution for digital substation, including electronic transformer technologies; has made outstanding contributions to the process layer data transmission technology and its engineering application technology; presided over and completed the development of MMC-VSC HVDC converter and its' control system. He has won 1 National Science and technology progress award, 5 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards and many science and technology progress awards of State Grid Corporation of China.

  • 项目

  • Intelligent high voltage switch for power grids
  • Product
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • <p>The traditional control and monitoring of high-voltage switch-gear is carried out by a large number of cables. The workload of cable laying and debugging on site is very large, and the regular maintenance of switch is complex and tedious.<br /> Hz Electric will develop electronic transformer and intelligent modules deeply integrated with the switch-gear and linked with communication fibers. With Hz Electric's solution each part of the intelligent switch can be completely joint test in the factory, greatly reducing the workload in the field. Through the sensors and intelligent modules, Hz Electric would provide the cloud supervention service for high voltage switches, change the "regular maintenance" for the switches into "maintenance on state changed ", which reduces the workload and risk of switch equipment.</p>
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